Jordan Gross guides people to their Cloud Nine lives by helping them discover their true passion and purpose /Ep2366


Jordan Gross-  

Jordan is a Northwestern and Kellogg School of Management graduate, a two-time startup founder, a TEDx speaker, and a #1 best-selling author. His upcoming book, The Journey to Cloud Nine, provides a new approach to the personal development world by using fictional storytelling to reveal some of life’s most meaningful principles. Jordan has been asking hundreds of people around the world how they live their lives on cloud nine, and he cannot wait to share this with all of you!


Which of your talents is responsible for us meeting? [01:12]
Who did you learn this skill/ability from? [02:48]
Tell us about the book, please.  [03:44]                                                                                                   
Where can we go to keep the process? [07:55]
What is your earliest childhood memory?  [08:56]
Engel’s Insight – [10:01]
What was your favorite song when you were twelve years old? [10:27]
Declaration Time – [10:22]


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